Monday, February 21, 2011


 "Fashion fades, only style remains the same."

Coco Chanel

 Somewhere between Piaget's Pre-Operational thought and memorizing the immunization schedule for normal healthy children I decided to take a break. Well really I decided to procrastinate, I mean is it really necessary for a nurse to know every  immunization a child should have by the age of 2 years? Honestly I bet the doctor doesn't, isn't that why he keeps the big chart on the wall in exam room? Ha! I bet you all thought that was for your information, how wrong you were!

  Well my aimless wandering through cyberspace in search of something that would nudge me out of this blah feeling it happened.  I found myself staring at beautiful lace, peek-a-boo cut outs, capped sleeves and nipped in waist lines.  I was in heaven!  No I am not speaking of any designers spring line, I only wish!  I happened to find a gold mine of vintage patterns hovering out there on the Internet just begging to be adopted.

With all the technology available it should surprise no one that we are able to preserve and re-publish patterns going all the way back to the 1900's.  And since the art of knitting and crochet has not changed much, it is fairly simple to re-create these fabulous looks!

If you take a peek at my dear friend's fashion Blog The Electric Elmo Newsfeed, she reviews Jason Wu's new collection at Fashion Week.  I don't know about you guys but I think I know where his inspiration came from!

Let's be honest, these looks never went "out" so much as were over shadowed by shockingly short, skin baring, let it all hang out looks.  But these beautiful little numbers have modestly and quietly sat in the back of our collective fashion minds and we take them out every now and then when we want to be ladies.

Could you get anymore elegant?
  So now that I have you hooked here is the exciting part, where you get your hands on these amazing treasures!  Read on dear readers.

  For those of us who are more frugal, or just don't have any money to spend, run don't walk over to Free Vintage Crochet and click, NOW! They have a huge selection of totally free vintage crochet patterns they have painstakingly scanned and re-published.  For you knitters here is the sister site they run Free Vintage Knitting. There is a huge number of patterns between both sites and even entire books re-published for sale.  Both sites are run by Purple Kitty LLC please check them out as they do great things by getting permissions to reproduce and redistribute patterns no longer in circulation.  Also if you have or know of anyone who has out of print patterns PLEASE donate them to this site! They even send you a free gift for donating your old patterns! Here is the information where to send any patterns.

Purple Kitty LLC
172 Ellen St
Oswego, NY 13126

Isn't this shrug to die for? And the pattern is free!

One of the 16 free patterns offered

  The biggest treasure trove I have happened to find is Yesterknits, which advertises itself as the largest collection of vintage patterns on the web.  After browsing their extensive pattern selection I would have to agree.They are based in the UK and most of the patterns are from over the big puddle so do be careful with the crochet patterns and know whether they are written in English or in US pattern format.  The pattern prices change depending on how many you buy, love bulk discounts, and at an average of $5.00 each they are worth it!  The site offers to send you a single pattern from their list of free patterns via email, I sent off for this one, still waiting on it however.

  This site packages together a number of booklets in one big bundle of crafty fun. Vintage Crochet Patterns.Com is a no frills website that looks more like a bad infomercial, they offer a free booklet to download if you fill out the form to request it. So I sent out a request and did indeed receive not one but three PDF booklets!  And for you knitters they also have a sister site with the same deal Vintage Knitting Patterns.Com and I received two PDF books one of stoles and one for hats. How perfect now I can accessorize that cute sweater!

  So in other words go forth dear readers and indulge your inner lady! Oh and by the way, I showed the patterns to the hubby who thoroughly liked them, he said something about more fun to guess what is underneath and to find out later how right you were! He's currently bugging me about when he gets to preview the finished product, so gotta go, Piaget can wait the hubby cannot!


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  1. Right on! Ps. Looove that I got a mention. When I see you next, you'd better be wearing some awesome vintage crochet number!