Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shabby Apple

Dresses from Shabby Apple

If you haven't heard about
Dresses from Shabby Apple
you must have been 
living under a rock.

just in case you haven't
let me tell you about them.

If you are like me
and love classic designs,
you must check them out.

BonHeur Summer Dress

And if 
you love jewelry
you simply must take a look.
Lost in Wonderland Cameo 

They've taken 
care of that too
with their 
great maternity line.
Oh Baby Shirt Dress
And they don't 
leave the kids out.
Check out all the adorable 
kids lines!
Silver Belle Party Dress 
Here's the bad news
Shabby Apple 
is only available in a 
few boutiques right now.
they are always open online!

Click through on the 
image on the left sidebar
to get 
15% off 
your next order
using code word
at checkout.

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