Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sweet Celebration

Birthday's are a big deal
in this house.
In our house you don't 
just celebrate on your
birthday, we keep the party
going (and the gifts)for 
most of the week.

And to start it off
there is always a homemade
cake just for the birthday 
girl (or boy)

These are for
my sister in-law
We decided to try using
fondant for the decorating
this time around.

So we bought a 
three pack of 
colored fondant at Michael's
on sale.

Like always no fancy tools were 
used in the making of these cupcakes.
Just stuff lying around the 
The Mr. made this one
with only a knife and his 

I stuck to my strength
and made roses.
Super easy!
Roll a tube for the middle
and keep adding thumbnail
shaped petals around it.

I used some well cleaned
rubber stamps for this one
to emboss the medallion 
and rolled tiny balls of 
fondant and placed them around.

The great part is 
that we still have tons
of the fondant left for 
the next birthday!

Do you have any special 
birthday traditions?
I'd love to hear about them.

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