Thursday, July 28, 2011

Etsy Shop Review: Sun and Moon Craft Kits

I'm Back!
Hello again dear readers!
I have great news,
I passed my finals!

Which means I'm 
This gal is going to be a real nurse soon!

Even better I have found the most 
wonderful supplier on Etsy.

If it is high quality glass 
and jewelry findings you are
seeking you must stop by.

Take a look at how beautiful 
this glass is!

I purchased 1 inch squares,
All the glass is high 
quality with no nicks or 
scratches and zero image warping.

The domes magnify images beautifully.
The 1 inch squares a perfectly flat 
and have lovely rounded corners.
The puffy squares are gorgeous! 
They give my pendants such a
distinctive look.

Sun and Moon also makes their own
glaze and cleverly sell small 
"sample size" tubes

It is thinner than the Crystal Effects
that I have been working with, but 
goes on super smooth and dries with a 
glass like finish that is way stronger.
It's absolutely perfect for adhering paper
to the glass.

I also found these bails

Silver plated and the perfect size
for scrabble tiles.

Not only were the prices great
but Gina, the shop's owner, was more
than happy to accommodate a custom order
for items in amounts not for sale on the
shop. She was really fast at getting back
to me and the order shipped out the next day!

In addition to what's shown above I also
bought some mini dog tags and resin drops for both scrabble tiles and the dog tags
And some of the strongest little magnets
have ever seen, my scissors stuck to the
envelope when I was trying to cut it open!

Sun and Moon also carries chains, pendant trays 
and a number of hard to find shapes and sizes 
of glass for pendants. 

I made a pendant for a friends birthday and now I have several orders for large quantities,
so it looks like Gina will be hearing from me 

*These opinions are my own and have not be solicited, I have not been compensated for these opinions. I just really like sharing what I think!*

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