Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy busy

Sorry for the unexpected 
hiatus again dear readers.

I have found myself unexpectedly busy.
Not only have I been spending three nights
a week at the hospital collecting enough
hours for preceptorship and working, 
I have also been making these pendants.

These were special ordered by the ladies of

here in Arizona. 
Please check them out, these 
ladies do amazing fundraising to help those 
who have given so much in service to this country.

The little redhead charm is worn for their campaign 
to raise funds for breast cancer research.

The tear drop charm is for their upcoming
September campaign
for Suicide Awareness. 
As a nurse to be this is a very 
important campaign to me.

I will be selling these pendants in 
two sizes and shapes and donating 15%
of the sales to the
Veterans of Foreign Wars Veterans and Family Support Program.

Once I have both pendants done and listed
I will share it with you dear readers.
What I am asking is that you pass the word
around about this charity drive, I would
love to present them with a nice donation.

Thank you to all who share this,
more details to come shortly!

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