Monday, March 21, 2011

Hardware Shopping

 Mr.C took me to JoAnn's as promised yesterday and we picked up a couple of sets of purse handles. Sadly there were no straps to be found, leather or otherwise. When I checked online for straps I was aghast to see that they averaged about $15.00 a pair! If anyone has any suggestions as to where I can pick up a set that won't break the bank I would love to hear from you. But back to the purse handles!

This is what we picked up.

 On sale for a very thrifty $4.00 a pair. The Head Design Consultant agreed that the bamboo one's are perfect for the Sakura Tote and the black square's will be used on the buttercup yellow mini tote I am working on right now.

So this is a general idea of what the handles should look like on the tote

  I think I will have to make a trip out to the Hobby Lobby to pick up some nice stiff fabric for the lining. That should give the tote a little more structure and shape when it's done.  Not sure when that will be, I started the OB portion of school and that should take up a lot of time and my instructor has been asking if I could find some crochet or knitting patterns for models of female anatomy. I love challenges!

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