Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Happy Endings

  Sorry about the layoff dear readers, as I made reference to early in the week life has been...busy. 

  It hit a record 97 degrees today here in Phoenix today and I was out in the heat for most of the morning.  I know you must be thinking I have gone nuts, but I assure you it was all for the best of reasons.

 I make a point of volunteering at least once a semester for some sort of event, today it was Phoenix Children's Hospitals "Spring int Health" event. Today children who are renal or oncology patients at PCH were treated to a fun day full of games, sports and food.

 I give what little time free time I have to these events because when you are up to your neck in homework and stressing over care plans and memorizing lab values, I find it really revitalizing to see what all this stress and studying leads up to in the end, this is my happy ending.

These were all for the kiddos!

  If there are any nursing students reading this, I strongly recommend trying to take one day out of your schedule to do an event like this, it really helps you buckle down and study again when you see what kind of a difference you can make in a persons life. If you are not a nursing student, try it out, you'd be amazed at how great you feel at the end of the day

And heck, you get to play with balloons all day!

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