Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is the World Coming To?

  A friend of mine recently had a reader comment to her that one of the blogs she had linked to her blog contained an "immodest" picture of a man contained somewhere in the depths of the archived literature, and was quite shocked.  This prompted my dear friend in her next post of recommended blogs to include the caveat that not all material in the blogs mentioned had been screened, viewed and the blogs should be treated as "Not Yet Rated" material.

  This got me thinking about all the other immodest material that is lurking out there, I mean the internet is one thing. We expect people to post whatever they want on it, I mean look they gave me a space to prattle on about whatever I please and there is nothing anyone can do about it. But no, this is not what I was referring to, think about all the things we can't screen in the world around us. I mean one of the people in the neighborhood has a water fountain with a naked cherub on it, that little exhibitionist! And the Art Museum is enough to make you faint of shock! Not to mention some parks around here have a number of immodest statues just hanging around, literally!

  Well that was it! I was now on a mission to protect the faint of heart and the pure of eyes!  I jumped on to Ravelry and began searching through the archives of patterns for something. The crafting super powers did not let me down....

Image property of lykkefanten

  This pattern was made by lykkefanten and the pattern is available for free download on Ravelry as"Fig Leaf" you should find it without a problem if you are signed up and be able to snag the PDF so you can get started on protecting your own neighborhood.

Images property of lykkefanten

Well there you have it folks, once again crafting super powers have saved the day!  

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