Monday, April 25, 2011

Oooh! Pretty!

  Last day of clinical's! I survived the obstetrical portion of my clinical experiences and am exhausted. Last OB test tomorrow, skills practicum is on Wednesday and Final next week, eeks! The stress level has been climbing so something mindless yet pretty was needed to distract me from insanity.

  While rummaging in desperation through my stash I found several vials of colored glass beads a friend gave me and suddenly I remembered a great tutorial I found at Notes From the Something. I grabbed some pearl cotton and a 1.60mm hook and in a short time had this.

  It's simply chain stitches with a bead chain stitched in every 5 stitches. The tutorial does a great job outlining how to customize your necklace. 
I managed to whip up 3 of these over the weekend.

I just love the colors! They are so fresh and just scream "SPRING". 

The Design Consultant proclaimed they are very "Boho Chic". I was stunned that he used the term correctly....and knew what it meant. 

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