Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm in the Garden

The heat in Phoenix seems to 
be breaking,

The temperatures are starting
to only hit 100 degrees 
that means it's time to start 
planting my garden

I know it must seem strange to any of you
who live in areas that actually get snow,
but here in AZ the summer is brutal 
generally anything in the garden is
That's what happened to my Basil.
Thankfully it's recovering from 
this summer's brutal heat.

So Fall begins garden season here,
and I am no exception.
I have dreams of a garden that I can pick
fresh vegetables from all winter long.

I decided to go with what the
locals generally plant,
squash, and beans.
I also decided to try okra which does well
in warm climates.
Last year the Mr. made this garden for me.
We dug up an area that has some shade,
dumped in a ton of soil 
and he bricked it in.
He even got me a trellis for the 
beans to climb.
It doesn't look like much now,
but hopefully soon there
will be a bunch of little green plants.

I also stoned in a small patch 
up against the gate wall.
Yes that little shrubby thing is 
actually supposed to be there,
it's a rosemary plant.
I'm hoping to have some primrose 
and native wildflowers growing
there soon.

 Stay tuned and I'll have garden updates!
Are you out in the garden?
What are you doing?

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