Sunday, September 4, 2011

Making Flowers with Fire

I found this tutorial
for making burnt ribbon

Source: via Kitty on Pinterest

I just loved the look of these flowers 
So, I gave them a try.

This is NOT
a child friendly craft
as it involves open flames.

I used a synthetic satin-like material 
I found in the odds and ends bin at some
fabric shop that has been collecting dust.

I also found some wide silver ribbon 
and gave that a try too.

When "burning" your fabric
be careful of the melty ends,
they are very hot and stick to the skin!

Now that I have a bunch of flowers 
I naturally needed something to do with them.
I crocheted a choker, 
sewed the flowers into place,
and added a lobster clasp and
extension chain.

Instant pretty!

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