Friday, September 9, 2011

Picnic Planning!

One of my dear friends is moving!
I'm so excited because this brings
her much closer to me.
because I'm one of those weird people
who LOVE to help people move.
There is something fun to me
about helping someone settle down into 
a new home.

I also know that on a moving day there
is no way anyone is going to want to cook.
That's why I try to pack a
"Moving Day Picnic"
Basically I pack up a cooler full of yummy
items that are quick and easy to eat, 
and require NO heating up.

My friend LOVES cucumber sandwiches,
so naturally they are on the menu.
Look at how fancy these are!
I think I will stick to the plainer kind.

Here's how I make easy cucumber sandwiches...

What you need:
1 pkg of chive flavored cream cheese (Philly is my Fav)
1 loaf of soft white bread
1 English cucumber

- Thinly slice the cucumber,
- Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on bread
- Arrange cucumber slices on one slice of bread with cream cheese and top with another slice of bread and cream cheese.
- Cut the crusts off the sandwich and cut in triangles

These sandwiches are very delicate 
and refreshing.
Perfect on a hot day
while moving boxes around!

Stay tuned,
I'll be sharing the menu 
for my
"Moving Day Picnic"

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