Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blog Prettiness

I have been doing some tweaking to the blog 
since I made myself a  blog button. 
Have you noticed?

I'm like most gals and like pretty things 
but I have noticed that it is getting harder t
o find pretty bits and pieces 
for my blog that I don't have to pay for.

In the last couple of sweeps of cyber space I
 did find a couple of little nuggets 
of free blog prettiness.

I thought I'd share 
them with you.

Yesterday on Tuesday
has these cute vintage 
blog buttons available to
download for free.
I used the pink picture frame
to make a button for the GFC that
always seems to disappear.

If you are having trouble with that
Mrs Marine has a tutorial on how to
take care of that pesky GFC problem on her blog.

August Empress
who supplies the current background
for this blog, kindly shares a number
of beautiful free downloads.
Recently she shared these beautiful 
vintage inspired backgrounds

These gorgeous textures are available for download
on the blog in themed packages. 
All for free!

There is also a great collection of 
social media buttons that you can grab while you 
are at it.

Did you notice I grabbed one for Facebook?

And to top it off 
has a handmade logo from
up for grabs.
Could you imagine,
your very own logo 
for your blog or Etsy Store.
Which one would you pick?

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