Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Korean Style Beef Ribs

I don't usually buy beef ribs.
For one thing they usually come in 
family sized packages
being part Korean, 
I prefer beef short ribs
or galbi
as we call it.

But this weekend climbed to 113 here in Phoenix!
There was no way the 
Mr or I wanted to cook in the kitchen 
barbecue was the only other option.
At the grocery store 
I notice beef ribs were on 
for a great price.
And there was a package of smallish ribs.
We haven't had galbi in ages because of 
the outrageous price of short ribs.

I grabbed the ribs, 
took them home and made them up 
gabli style!

These are super easy to make,
and I haven't met anyone who doesn't
like them.

Grandma's Galbi Marinade:
(This amount makes roughly 1 pound of beef ribs)

4 tablespoons of Soy Sauce 
6 tablespoons of Mirin (Japanese rice wine)
1/2 a Kiwi (ripe as possible)
2 stalks of Green Onion chopped
1-2 teaspoons of Garlic Powder
1-2 teaspoons of Sugar
a few drops of Sesame Seed Oil

Mash the kiwi in a bowl until mush.
Add Soy Sauce and Mirin and whisk together.
Add sugar to taste, the amount usually depends on how sweet your kiwi is.
Add Garlic Powder to taste, if you like you can substitute fresh garlic and whisk well.
Add Green Onion and Sesame seed oil.
Pour over beef ribs and allow to marinate over night, then grill!

  This recipe is done in approximate measurements. This is the on recipe my grandma was able to teach me growing up and I learned in watching and tasting. Grandma's English wasn't very good but she could tell me if it tasted right. 
  Taste the marinade before pouring over your meat, if you like it go for it, if not play until it tastes right. I will tell you that the kiwi is key. It adds flavor AND tenderizes your meat.

I hope you like it,
it is my favorite recipe that 
grandma used to make.
And my husband swears it's the
reason he married me!

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