Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How To Make Images for Scrabble Tile Pendants

Scrabble tile pendants,
they seem to be all the rage right now.
My husband thinks they are a waste
 of a perfectly good Scrabble game.
But, he loves to play.
I think he likes it because he always wins!

A friend of mine was doing
some cleaning and wanted to get 
rid of her Scrabble game.
So I volunteered to "adopt" it.

Now that I had the tiles I needed images.
There are a ton of people on Etsy and other
places that are offering to sell you files 
or pre-made images. 

Don't be tempted!
It's really very easy to shrink 
down an image of your choice.
I mean isn't that the point of this craft?
To make personalized jewelry?

lets start with an image.
I happen to really like this one,
and since it is so famous and old no one
will be hounding me about copyright

Use whatever photo editor your chose,
for my purposes I will use Picasa.

Now crop it into a roughly 
rectangular shape
Try to focus on one large image
that doesn't have a lot of detail.

Now shrink the image 
using the "Resize" function 
to approximately the same size 
as your scrabble tile.
I found that the best size was
65 to 70 pixels across.
I shrunk this one to 70 x 81
Notice that you have lost 
image clarity when it gets this 

To fix this issue
use the "Sharpen" function 
and boost it way up.
Notice how much clearer the
image has become.

Then go into the "Color" function 
and up the saturation. 
After that use the "Exposure" function
and bump up the contrast of your image.
Trust me you want a little extra
color in the picture to make it pop.

I tried three images last night,
this is how it turned out after I glazed them.

Some tips:
  • Use images with bright colors, you get better results
  • Try to limit white space, pictures with color show up better
  • Don't use a highly detailed image, the detail gets lost
  • Experiment with where you crop a larger image, you may be able to use part of the image in a way you didn't see before.

I hope this was helpful,
later this week I'll post 
other How To's on how to 
make these pendants.

Stay tuned....

Smart and Trendy Moms

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