Saturday, June 25, 2011


I love trying new crafts,
but that usually means having 
to buy all the supplies needed.
as you all know it's really hard
to do that on a students budget.

Yesterday I found this 
beautiful fabric
Only $1.99 for the quarter.
Perfect for kanzashi flowers.

I could really use a
 nice fabric cutting board so 
my squares come 
out with straight edges
I can't afford one.
what is a gal to do?

of course!

So this is how I cut my little
fabric squares for kanzashi flowers
Remember that Scrabble game I got
from a friend at work?
The grid pattern is very useful for
lining up your fabric edge.

I used a the bound edge of a 
magazine to line up my markings
and draw a line on my fabric
The squares came out darn near 

Now I need some 
little rounds of felt.
A water bottle cap is 
the perfect size. 
And I LOVE these mini

I have a ton 
of left over squares.
one very 
pretty hair clip.

Who says you need
all sorts of fancy
equipment to craft?

The hair clip is up
for sale on my Etsy Store.

The first 3 pople 
to leave a comment
will get a discount code 
from me
for 20% off 
in the store.

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