Sunday, June 5, 2011

Look What I Can Do!

Remember that 
I posted on Monday?

Well look what I can do!

Day 1:
This was my first attempt.
Above: Pointed petal Kanzashi
Below: Round petal Kanzashi

I used 2" squares of some scrap cotton that was hanging around my  craft box, I think it was supposed to be a skirt at one time. I gave the fabric a good couple of applications of spray starch and ironed it well. The thin material with the starch acted alot more like paper and folded well.
Turned out to be pretty easy!

Day 2:
This was my second attempt.
Both are round petal Kanzashi.

I played around with the number of petals to see how it affected the look of the flower. 

I made these from squares of 1 1/2" satin ribbon. I sprayed these well with starch as well and ironed them quite thoroughly. 
These were more challenging as the slippery satin did not want to fold as cleanly as the cotton had. 
Also the white ribbon didn't absorb the starch as well as the red ribbon did so it kept unfolding itself and fraying.

Lesson learned:
The more starch you can apply BEFORE attempting to fold,
the better and easier it is for you.

I turned the cotton one's into little hair clips
This one is 2" across
A nice statement piece that isn't
too flashy.

I put this one up on 

 The red and white one's 
have not been assigned a purpose yet but I think I will make one more red flower and put all three on a comb.

What do you think?
Do you have any tips on making Kanzashi flowers?
Please share if you do!

I have another Giveaway lined up for this week,
you lucky readers, 
so keep you eyes peeled.

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