Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Monday: Tsumami Kanzashi

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Memorial Day Weekend, I know I have. While I was scanning the internet for some inspiration I came across a new trend that I struck very close to home.
Kanzashi flowers.

These are flowers made from little squares of folded material that are then sewn together. Very popular right now amongst crafters.

Did you know 
 it is a traditional Japanese art that is in danger or disappearing because of the lack of trained artists? 
There are only 5 artists that are acknowledged to be trained in the traditional art form still alive and practicing.

is a studio run by a Kuniko Kanawa that still produces authentic pieces of Tsunami Kanzashi. Kuniko herself was trained by one of the few Kanzashi artists and strives to preserve this piece of disappearing Japanese culture.

Here are a few images from her 

Karyu (Cherry Blossom and Drooping Willow) 

Tsumami Kanzashi Bobby Pin

Vintage Kimono Momiji 

 (Japanese Maple) Tsumami Kanzashi 

Hair Clip with Black Onyx

 set of Shou-Chiku-Bai 

(Pine-Bamboo-Plum Blossom) 

Tsumami Kanzashi for Maiko 

 Kanzashi of January

I remember being a child and pulling very similar hairpieces out of the big cedar trunk where the kimonos were kept in the basement in anticipation of Spring Festival at the JCCC

Please visit the Atelier Kanawa website, you will find a wealth of information about the history and culture of the Kanzashi flowers. Just by learning a little about what they are you are preventing a beautiful art from disappearing.

Want to learn how to make these beautiful flowers?
Here is a tutorial can be downloaded by Christina Stoppa
a big thank you to her for making this great tutorial free to the public.

Please check out her Etsy store

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