Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The White Out Challenge

  So a friend hooked me up with beautiful blog Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly. If you would believe it, the bloggess is on her way to being a doctor and STILL has time to produce this amazing blog. Wow I feel like a total slacker. On the upside I wrote AND passed my final exam today which means Block 3 of nursing school is in the rear view mirror, I passed! 
  Anyhow back to Kristina and her beautiful blog, from time to time she posts a "challenge" under the title "Bloggers Do it Better". This time around she challenged us to create an all white outfit and post our pictures to her site to share. 
You know me, I love a challenge so I gave it my best shot...

Blouse- Express, Shorts- Banana Republic, Purse- Me!

I don't like looking at the camera!
I went for a lighter look since it is heating up fast here in Phoenix, it's shorts weather already! The shorts did kind of get lost in the shot. But I wanted to show off the Sakura Tote I am selling. I have to admit it looks really good! What do you think dear readers, hit or miss on the outfit? Let me have it, I can take it!

While we are on the subject of white, what do you think of this little number I whipped up?

Pearl beads were crocheted into the petals of the roses for a white on white effect, I added some black organza ribbon for contrast. Was it a hit or miss?

Don't forget about the GIVEAWY!

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