Sunday, May 22, 2011

Made by Hand, Given From the Heart

I'm sure you have all been up all night wondering why on earth I would need monogram patterns.
Ha! I only wish, I only like to pretend I am that important. 
But, here as promised is my explanation.

A gal I work with s getting married and the office is throwing her a wedding shower. The problem is I am kind of broke having just paid off my last semester of tuition, and as much as I want to give a stunningly amazing gift, I simply cannot afford it.

So this is where I get crafty, literaly. 
I take these very blah and not so amazing white hand towels,
Hand Towels Set of 2 $2.99 at Target
Add some DMC Satin embroidery floss in Mother of Pearl, some waste fabric and a few hours of staring at my computer screen 

You now have a 
stunning set of hand monogrammed hand towels for the lovely new couple to be.

Here's a closer look at the custom monograms 
I did on these towels.

The letters came from a vintage chart on Handmade Adelaide Baby which were so pretty on their own I decided to make the monogram very simple. The leaf design was borrowed from a piece of traditional Swiss embroidery I saw in a book and then charted out on a pattern maker that I downloaded onto my computer.

The DMC Satin floss has an amazing sheen to it that gives the monograms some richness and really pops on the white towels. It was very easy stuff to work with and looks like a million bucks. 

For this project I used 14 count waste fabric and 3 strands of floss (meaning I split the floss in half) so that I had a nice heavy embroidery that stands out nicely.

Here's the best part 
this is what I spent:

Hand Towels Set of 2 - $2.99
DMC Satin Embroidery Floss - 99 cents
Waste Fabric - $ 1.99
Grand Total = $5.97

Even better I still have a ton of the floss and most of the package of the waste fabric, which means I can make more of these!

This is a great project for wedding gifts, baby gifts and even graduation gifts. Who doesn't love getting something made especially for them.
And if you shop carefully, they can be very thrifty.

I really hope the happy couple likes their gift!

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