Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Bargains

I love shopping, 
I hate paying full price, 
what a dilemma! 

Here are my favorite deals I found this week.

Blue quartz styled glass beads
99 cents at Jo-Ann's

Glass pearl beads,3mm and 4mm
99 cents at Joann's

Wooden kitty cat pendant w/ chain
$1.50 at Forever 21

Even better I found a great new community 
Crafty folks "sell" their creations for "whoops" 
(basically credits) 
Then use them to buy other beautiful creations. 
What could be better?

These are a few favorites of mine.

by kittycatsandairplanes
2 Whoops

by Christine Fortier
2 Whoops

My Little Pumpkin by Jazmin
3 Whoops

There are tons more great items up for trade on this site and it costs nothing to start an account with them. If you are crafty but low on cash it is an excellent way to get really cool stuff without having to pay a huge price tag.

For anyone looking for rose combs and doesn't have the cash for them, I am trading them on

So what great  bargains did you find this week?
Please share any pictures or links!

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