Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Roses

  Typing hurts, 
I have a number of pin pricks on the pads of my fingers and am covered in Krazy Glue, but it's been a great day. I was asked by a co-worker to make some rose combs for a party she is having so I have been at it all weekend.

I know it may not look like a ton of work but let me put it this way....
Five combs = 10 roses + 10 leaves 
crocheted by hand.
having to glue them into place 
sew the roses securely to the comb. 

Yes I go through all that work, 
Grandma would kill me if I did it cheaply.
  But they look great, the red one was hiding so it didn't make it into the picture. I am thrilled at how much positive feedback my little combs are getting from you dear readers and from others around me. Thank you so much, I am much like Tinkerbell and need applause to survive.

  I bought a couple new items to finish off this project since I exhausted most of my supplies on my Etsy store. A quick jaunt off to the Hobby Lobby and I came back with new Krazy Glue Gel and invisible thread.

 Lets start with the glue.
image property of Krazy Glue
  I picked up the "Craft" formula because it promises to not glue your skin together, at least not instantly, and I thought the gel wouldn't run everywhere like the original stuff which basically has the consistency of thickened water. 

  The gel consistency is good, a thin gel that goes on in little dots, very easy to control on small surface areas like my combs. I did get some on my fingers and it wiped off easily if you got it within 30 seconds otherwise you were stuck with the glue.

  Upside is this formula does not turn into a second skin and is fairly easy to peel off without taking a layer of your skin with it. 

  Downside is that the "bonding" time is long, the package says 30 seconds. It took longer before my roses even stuck to the comb,let alone were bonded and secure. Also, do not over apply this stuff! It's not joking when it says use only 3-4 dots per square inch. If you do go overboard expect the bonding time to take even longer. 

  Overall the Craft Gel Krazy Glue is a decent product for the casual crafter, but don't use it on anything you really want a strong bond. I think next time I'll pick up the original formula and wear surgical gloves, I think I still have a pair of Biogel's that I got from the OR hanging around.

On to the thread.
image property of Coates & Clark
  I finally found the "invisible thread" I was looking for at the Hobby Lobby, after looking for it at two other stores. I should have known just to go there first. 

  For any of you who are unfamiliar with invisible thread, it is a fine thread made of a transparent nylon. Basically the idea is that you don't see the stitches when used, this thread is commonly used on the hem of pants for a nice clean look. Don't believe me? Go check your dress pants, I bet one set has an invisible hem.

 I wanted to use it so when I stitch the roses to the comb it has a cleaner look, with the invisible thread you can't notice that I have wrapped stitches around the comb to hold the roses in place least the glue not do it's job.

  I favor Coates & Clark mainly because next to Singer it is the only thread I remember my Grandma using, and it has never disappointed me. This particular thread is very fine and REALLY hard to see, even doubled up on the comb you really have to look to find the stitches.

  Upside, you don't even know I stitched the roses to the comb. It makes for a very clean and professional look. 

  Downside, this thread is REALLY hard to see. It makes it hard to keep track of where your thread is and often gets wrapped around something. It is also very fine and thus is prone to tangling and snapping if you pull too hard. 

  I am pretty experienced in sewing with a needle and thread and I found it a bit of a challenge. My advice with this stuff is make sure you take your project into really good light and go slow, you will avoid getting all snarled up this way. But a great thread if you don't want anyone to know it's there.

Hope this has been helpful!

*The opinions stated above are mine and have not been solicited by any of the companies mentioned. I have not been compensated in any way for these opinions.*

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