Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning and Free Stuff

With finals approaching on Tuesday I found some prime time for procrastination today. It is a balmy eighty-something degrees outside with a light breeze, who the heck wants to study when it's that lovely outside?  So I took the laptop outside and began cleaning up the old blog. What do you think?

The new background is courtesy of a very talented lady Jo Klima who very kindly shares a number of her amazing designs for free  on her blog August Empress.

image property of August Empress

These labels can be downloaded for free from her site, how perfect would these look on your Mothers Day present?

image property of August Empress

This is one of many backgrounds you can download from her website. How clever is this you can get it in three different colors that are just perfect for the spring! So go check her out, your laptop or blog could sport a great new look AND she has some great product reviews a giveaways.

I also found one to the cleverest label sets while I was busy doing nothing constructive here at Ginger Snaps Crafts. This clever lady found away to turn labels into mini chalkboards...or is it chalkboards into little labels, not sure but check it out!

image property of Ginger Snaps Crafts

You take one of these adorable labels and apply it to a clean, smooth surface and get this!

image property of Ginger Snaps G

The absolute best thing about these labels is that like a chalkboard you can wipe them off and write on them again and again! Even better, a set of them is up for grabs on Kitty Cats and Airplanes who is hosting a giveaway for these cool little labels. So pop on over there and read Amie's blog, guarenteed you will laugh if you read the story about how she met her hubby.

The lovely Katri at Cardigans and Cookie Dough is giving away this beautiful bamboo cutting board to one lucky pizza lover.

So head over to her blog and leave her a comment, that's all you have to do there! While you are there remember to become a follower of hers so you can get an entry in 

Just to refresh your mind here is what is up for grabs! 
Remember you have up to 5 entries so use the link to head over to that post and use the Entry Form. 
Giveaway closes May 14th!

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