Monday, May 2, 2011

How To Monday

Once again I have about zero interest in studying, I really should as the final is tomorrow at 9am, but I just can't get there. So instead I figured I would give you a quick how to on adding beads into a simple chain stitch.

Beaded Chain Stitch How To:

1. Thread beads onto the your thread

2. Make your slip knot and insert 
crochet hook.

3. Make a couple of chain stitches first.
The slide the first bead to the base of
the last stitch made.

4. Pull up enough of a loop to go 
over the bead, as you would for a 
normal chain stitch

6. Yarn over the hook, just like 
in a regular chain stitch.

7. Pull yarn through, making a new 
stitch with the bead contained within.
Pull it to tighten and make the bead 
sit securely.

That's it! Really, seriously easy isn't it? Now you know the trick to making simple necklaces like this one,

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Now go give it a try!

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