Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have a confession to make, I have been a total slacker in the outfit department of late.  A few weeks ago I took the first shopping trip in months to Old Navy. Not very glamorous but I needed camis that were cheap and had heard that was the place to go. I was lucky and they had put them on half price and I grabbed a BUNCH. Another killer find was a black boyfriend sweater that I had been looking for since last year on the sales rack for around $11.00, total bargain. 

Ok, on to the confession part, well for the last week this has been my wardrobe, 

Boyfriend Sweater, Sweetheart Jeans, Lace Trimmed Cami - Old Nay
Yup I have sported an Old Navy uniform for nearly a week. The camis change in color because I bought every color they had. Sadly I love the cami, cardi outfit and have been hunting for good ones but the cardigan season is fast fading.

I am sure you are asking yourself why a gal who is living in Phoenix, AZ where the average temperature lately has been hovering around the 90's needs a cardigan. Well here is a secret, Phoenicians cannot stand the heat any better than the rest of the world, so we crank the AC up in the summer and just stay indoors. Now when you work indoors you freeze, I am sure the thermostat is already set at 71 degrees and will go down as the temp goes up. Therefore cardigans are essential to my summer wardrobe.

I began sifting through all the cyberjunk I keep around (links, PDF's etc) and found a few really good looking patterns.

Now all I have to do is find the time to make them and my wardrobe will be all set! 
Which one is your favorite?

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