Friday, May 27, 2011

Freebie Friday Linky Party!

I am super excited this morning with the list of things I have to tell you about, not to mention having something else to focus on other than reading EKG strips!

As always click the images to get to the giveaway.

First, I found this amazing giveaway yesterday.

This amazingly talented lady is giving away $70.00 worth the jewelery from her Etsy store. Ms. Efrat, who is situated in my home town of Toronto, makes each piece by hand in her studio of which she has posted pictures of on her blog. I have a fascination with metal smithing and have a hero-like worship for anyone who can turn out amazing stuff like this. 

Giveaway close June 20th.

Ginger just doesn't stop she has another giveaway way going on her blog for a set of these adorable personalized sippy cups

A winner will be drawn on Monday.

This might not be free but I had to share because it is just that cool!
Have you heard of this?
Heartsy - Daily deals on fabulous handmade items, at least 50% off.
"Click me! I'll take you there"

Etsy seller's offer to allow you to by a "gift certificate" to their store for a hugely discounted price. In most cases you will pay half price.

I just bought a $20.00 credit to Karmacrochet 
for $9.00!! 
I'm going to by a bunch of these super cute tile pendants!

Alright here is the fun now,
link YOUR giveaway up here and lets share!!

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