Friday, June 17, 2011

A Little Something For Mom

Sorry for the layoff dear readers, 
I feel kind of like a slacker missing the usual 
Freebie Friday post but I have had zero time to research any fantastic giveaways this week.

School has seriously 
been getting in the way of my ability to craft. 
Deadlines demand attention 
leading me to 
smaller and smaller 
projects lately. 

But I did manage to find time to make 
something pretty this week
I had some assorted seed beads 
these really cute "Mom" pendants 
just hanging around.

This is really just a variation on the 
chain stitch with beads I showed you.

The beads are pulled into the stitch in clusters
of three.
When you pull them together they make that cute 
scalloped look.

The necklace is super light and comfy for 
hot sweaty summers.

I decided not to use a traditional clasp
closure on this. 
I find in the summer metal clasps 
just feel gross when I get hot.

I used a glass bead crocheted into 
the beginning of the chain and crocheted
a small loop at the other end of the necklace.
Slip the loop over the round bead 
and Ta-da! 
You have a closure.

Now here's the best part!
Since I am not a Mom, 
I have decided to give this 
pretty darling away.

Would you like it?

Head on over to

Join in the 

There are a ton of sponsors giving away
beautiful handmade goodies.
This necklace will be one of them.

In the mean time 
would you like to 
learn how to 
make one too?

Stalk Hop Friday

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